Limmud Service

The Limmud service is the longest running Shabbat morning alternative minyan in Borehamwood Shul, set up in 1993 as a more intimate and learning-orientated minyan. The service takes place every Shabbat and on all Festivals in the Gilah Hall. On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, a larger service is held upstairs in the new building.

Although Limmud has many long standing attendees, it welcomes all. It was originally established as a Learning Minyan with a regular Mishna Shiur. Today the Limmud Minyan provides an alternative for those who want a more intimate service. It also provides, where required for those who would like an Aliyah for a life-cycle event, which may not be available in the main Shul.

The service starts at the same time as the main service, usually ending 15 to 30 minutes before the main service, allowing members to join in with friends and family at the communal Kiddush, although Limmud also has its own Kiddush every week, sponsored by its members.

A Dvar Torah is given by one of the participants together with a high level Shiur. Visiting Rabbonim and Rebbetzins are often invited to give Divrei Torah and visiting Chazannim add to the high quality of the davening.

Leining and Davening are all open to new and existing members and can be arranged by emailing .

For further information or to let us know you are coming or would like a Mitzvah, please also contact us at the same email adddress.

Limmud 25th Anniversary 

We hope that you saw and enjoyed reading the collection of divrei Torah in Lilmod uleLamed: Limmud 25 Years, published in February 2019.

Click here to download the anthology in an electronic format (pdf).